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PFOX.COM is a US based ecommerce company, built on the idea that facilitates sales, service, growth, and happiness. Management has been providing products, sales, and services through ecommerce platforms for over 25 years, and wants to extend that appreciation to you. We have amazing people working in specialized areas to keep your online experience enjoyable; additionally, our team of dedicated specialists are invigorated by exceptional responses, we've received from customers. We have a close-knit group of skilled, talented and hard-working individuals, who love what they do. We pride ourselves on our business approach and unique retail insights to give you the best online experience. We strive to provide exceptional service & support, and we are thrilled to see our happy customers return again and again. When it comes down to it, business is simply, “Believing in you Makes Us Stronger.”

We aim to inspire confidence in our customers and merchants, when it comes to doing business with We want to inspire you, as business owners; and empower your ability to create sales and generate growth. Our platform grants you the ability to buy and sell a vast array of products; furthermore, it allows you, the entrepreneur, an easy way to generate sales income from your products or services. Our policies and procedures are transparent every step of the way without being overbearing, controlling or confusing. You'll never have to worry about, how you’ll be paid, because our pay structure is easy and straightforward. You'll always have the ability to control your sales from start to finish; moreover, we will never take ownership, possession or control of any products; or services bought or sold by you, on our website. acts as a trusted cyber medium, basically an intermediate agent on all transactions conducted within the United States.

We have a better way to capture customers and develop loyalty; contrarily, we believe businesses can prosper and succeed without the greed, that saturates today's online stores. That's why we've created a cyber medium utilizing honesty, community, support, and inclusion to build a better interactive platform. continues to empower our third-party sellers with business support; so as, to ensure your focus remains on your customers. We offer an amazing shopping experience; and we've committed our time, and efforts in creating a marvelous place to shop.

Our mission, is to facilitate the development of successful storefronts through service, innovation, integrity, and accountability. We provide access via our online platform for buyers and sellers to communicate and conduct business transactions in a safe and secure way. Our goal is to enrich and inspire our community partners to invest in themselves. When it comes to buying and selling, we are committed to helping our members succeed, and we believe in building a stronger relationship with our partners. Our team derives it's inspiration from real people; to keep our website exciting; however we do retain a fee, as a third-party go-between for interface transactions over our platform. Communication is maintained on all levels, including transparency about fees and commissions.

• Huge Collection of Specialty and Limited items

• Affordable Prices Including Third-Party sellers

Easy Returns and Free Shipping on many

• Decades of Ecommerce Experience with Excellent Support

When it comes down to it, business is simple, "People connecting with other People." We want to make sure that our sellers are right for our buyers and our buyers are right for our sellers. We try hard to make a balanced platform, that customers feel good about and we'll continue our rigorous process to help avoid dishonest buyers. will do the heavy lifting; while our buyers and sellers reap the rewards!

Our products are backed by our buyer guarantee and merchants can sell without worrying about buyer fraud or misrepresentation. Our motto “Find Your Amazing Joy…!,” means being a “buyer” or “seller”, should be an enjoyable experience; moreover, you are the beating heart of our success! "The Company"