Product Recall

product recalls

  • Finding solutions for your products and safety concerns at the below links!

  • Review recall information that may help you prepare for the road ahead!

CPSC and other websites provide Information on products recalls and some steps you should take, if you own one of these products. You may also visit the CPSC Web site at for additional information or call their 24 hour Toll-Free Consumer Hotline at 1-800-638-2772.

United States Consumer Product Safety Commission

Gov-recalls bring together food, medical, vehicles, cosmetics and more! One Online Resource for Recalls.

FDA not only covers food, there are additional details covering Pets!

FDA: Food & Drug Administration.

FSIS not only monitors recalls related to food products, this agency has information about potential recalls that are still pending! USDA: US Department of Agriculture.

On the USDA website you'll find some health alerts plus a certification list covering policies and eligibility requirements for shipping goods outside and into the U.S.

USDA; Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Check the list of manufactures, makes and models to find answers to some common questions. Not all information will be here, so check with the original manufacturer.

Each year thousands of injuries occur due to consumer products in the United States. The United States Consumer Products Safety Commission and other US agencies provide around the clock information about defective items.

The information above isn't a guarantee of any outcome or support guaranteed or related to in any format. The links are provided as a courtesy and consumers should contact the original manufacturer or the appropriate authorities related to the product(s) in question. "Get Started"...!