Electronic Components

Electronic Components

Sound Mates Wireless Stereo Earbuds V2
10” Power Cord - No Adapter is include
Each earbud can be used separately
Earbuds charge quickly in self-contained - Portable Case
Wireless built in, no cables or tangled wires
Features: Bluetooth, Microphone, Wireless
White, Auto-pairing
Sony PlayStation Eye

Brand: Sony
Works together with the Motion Controller
Creates an immersive gaming experience
Make Movies
Video Chat with up to 6 Friends at Once!
Marvel Spider-Man Far From Home Walkie Talkies

Spider-Man Far From Home Walkie Talkies
FRS Frequency Band Offers Long Range
Push To Talk Function For Easy Operation
Built In Speaker delivers Powerful Audio
Requires 4AAA Batteries (NOT Included)
Insignia DVI-A to VGA Adapter

Brand: Insignia
Connect a DVI-I or DVI-A output
To VGA input or Vice-Versa
Incompatible with DVI-D source
Color: Black
BACtrack Go Keychain Breathalyzer (White) Ultra-Portable Pocket Keyring Alcohol Tester for Personal Use

QUICKLY & EASILY ESTIMATE YOUR BAC - Proprietary Advanced MicroCheck Sensor technology delivers reliable, accurate BAC results you can trust.
EASY TO USE - One button operation means you simply power on your Go keychain breathalyzer and begin testing in seconds. It's that easy!
TAKE IT WITH YOU ANYWHERE - The ultra-compact BACtrack Go breathalyzer keychain easily fits in a pocket or purse, making it a great portable breathalyzer for any occasion.
OPTIMAL BREATH CAPTURE - The innovative fold-out mouthpiece ensures only your breath goes into the alcohol tester, while other airborne pollutants are kept out.